Dearies, it’s been 3 years.

We quarreled, laughed and cried together.

We used to share our secret, our food, or our shirts together.

All the days and nights we’ve spent,

The hangouts and the sleepover,

Making me feel like this is the most meaningful friendship ever.
We were like siblings,
Like peas in a pod.
You guys will be there for me whenever I needed y’all.

And also played the best listener role in my world.
But, times will change.
So do people?

Our friendship,

It’s cold and distant.

I tried and cried,
But the hard works didn’t really pay off.
All the tears, are wasted.

So, are we?

I’ve been thinking all day and night,
The best solution to be happy,
Is to leave them and be yourself.

Thank you, I appreciate what you guys did to me 🙂
Thank you guys, for leaving me alone when I need y’all the most.
Thank you guys, for being discouraging.

____ NEVER FORGET _____
” I don’t hate you, I am just disappointed that you’re different .”


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