Friends? Sister.

Hello guys! This is my first blog and I decided to write about a person who is very important in my life.


We will never get bored on our friends, like how guys wont be able to get bored on games too. Lets talk about my friend today!

We are friends since 2014, yeah it’s only 2 years! Maybe 2 years are really short for you guys, but it’s very long to me, or us. At the first month of school, we met each other. I was really quiet in the gang ( I don’t know my friends well cause to them, I’m like strangers to them) and she told me that she thought I’m a person who don’t really like to talk, so she decided to talk with me! Even though the way we know each other is very weird. HAHA. But after few months, I suddenly felt really happy to have a friend like her, because she supports me on everything I want to do, she gives me advice, she will help me out when I am in a really big trouble.Whenever I’m sad, she will try her best to cheer me up. She’s an intelligent person, she is very kind, hardworking and she’s also a cheerful person.

Even thought I’m in the different school with her, but I know that our friendship is not going to separate because of long distance. I don’t know how to describe my feelings towards her, sometimes I really hate her but at the same time I love her too. It’s really tough when I saw her upset but I literally can’t do anything for her and just sending some shitty long message for her.

“Can you be the 豆浆to my 油条?” she asked me. I don’t know what’s the definition of 豆浆油条, but I said yes. HAHA. Thank you for being my favorite person, my personal advisor, my happy pill,my secret keeper,and my dear twinnie. Its my pleasure to meet you, words can’t describe how much I miss you. ( you know who you are! *wink wink* )

“You’ll always have my shoulder when you cry,I’ll never let go”



Thank you so much for reading!



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